Wednesday, August 15, 2012


For months I have been envisioning what my room would look like when I redecorated it. Well, finally my vision has come to life!!! My budget for my entire house was $3,000 and I came in right at that amount. I did a lot of my shopping at, Home Goods, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Garden Ridge, and Target. 

Typically when I think of my ultimate outfit I think of Chanel and the staple color for Chanel is black and white, so since Chanel is classic and timeless, I wanted my bedroom to reflect that as well. My favorite color of all time is pink so I had to make my pop of color pink of course, lol. 

Now my bedroom is so functional!!! I have a writing area, seating area, a makeup station and a dressing station. Whenever I enter my bedroom I feel like such a girly girl now. I still have some more things to add to the space; like my new dresser and a few more paintings to the wall. I also have decided that the wall where my bed is I'm going to paint that wall black and white just to give the room more dimension.

I have to give a major shout out and THANK YOU to my agent/mentor/friend Brenda Hampton; daughters Monique and Monica. Over the weekend they came over and painted my entire house for me and as you can see they did a phenomenal job. I am so pleased with the outcome of every room. Next I will posting pics of my sons room and more pics of my bedroom. Enjoy!!!

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