Thursday, August 16, 2012


5 days from now I will be turning 31!!! When I was younger I thought that when I reached my thirties I would feel old and out of wack but turns out it's the total opposite. At the age of 30 I feel younger, hipper, fresher and vibrant than ever. I am more confident, self assured and aware of myself. Life has become less difficult and I am looking forward to the years to come with glee!!!

This year for my birthday I am going to see my first drag show with my girls and I am BEYOND excited. Instead of rockin' your typical party girl dress for my b-day I am going totally opposite and rockin' a tomboy chic look. The t-shirts above I got Monday at Urban Outfitters and I plan on rockin' the first one with the black American flag and the naked white chick ... umm how do you say  EPIC!! I also will be doing something different with my hair, which I'm super excited about. I can't wait for Saturday to come so I can post pics!!!

P.S. School has officially started and my son is now in the 7th grade so I had to cop my him some more sneakers. He loved the glow-in-the-dark Nike Dunks by the way. I got those and the Creative Recreation sneakers from Journeys for only $75!!!  

1. Deter Black American Flag T-Shirt
2. OBEY T-Shirt
3. OBEY Trucker Snap Back
4. Kyrese's green low-top Creative Recreation Sneakers
5. Kyrese's Glow in the dark high top Nike Dunks

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