Thursday, April 26, 2012


Back in the fall I did a post about the men's line ACAPULCO GOLD. The company had just released their fall 2011 lookbook and it was phenomenal! I personally love their pieces and think that they would look great on my dude or any other red blooded man but I digress. Yesterday, my boyfriend hit me up all excited and told me that ACAPULCO GOLD had released their 2012 Spring lookbook.

He raved on and on about how dope the collection was and insisted that I must go to their site and view it as soon as we got off the phone. Being the loving girlfriend I am I obliged his request and was too blown away so I had to show you my dedicated readers the pics. 

ACAPULCO GOLD's spring collection offers timeless classics from tees to this seasons must have floral prints but get this, they put a floral print on a snapback! How freakin' awesome is that?! If you would like to see more from ACAPULCO GOLD visit their website at

P.S. ACAPULCO GOLD I would love for you to send me some sample pieces so I can show my readers just how your clothes look on the everyday man. My email address is Thanks in advance!!!!

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