Thursday, March 15, 2012


I love-love-love-love-love this whole revival of the booty short. Your favorite model, singer and actress are all rockin' them. And guess what?I want to too! Now I am one that knows my limits. I am a 30 yr.old woman that is not a size 2 but... one of my greatest assets are my legs.

My legs are firm and the one feature outside of my gorgeous mug that I love to show off.  The shorts up above were black skinny leg jeans that had kinda faded over the years and I'd stopped wearing.

Never the one to let an item of clothing go to waste I decided to bring the skinny jeans back to life by cutting them into booty shorts for the summer. The items you'll need to create this look is a pair of scissors, the thing you use to split weave with, lol (sorry I don't know the name) a bottle of bleach and a colored pencil. 

Step 1: I laid the skinny jeans on the flat on the floor and with a white eyeliner made a line to exactly where I wanted to cut.

Step2: I then cut the skinny jeans from the outer corner of the leg to the inner thigh, making sure to leave enough room in the inner thigh so my inner thigh fat wouldn't show, lol. The pattern you're trying to achieve is a half circle not a straight across line.

Step 3: I then used the weave splitter thing and cut slits three slits on both sides of the shorts.

Step 4: Now here comes the fun part! Take the bottle of bleach and pour a cap full into the top and then take and dip the bottom of the color pencil into the bleach and then place dots onto the shorts. Repeat this step until you achieve your desired look. 

Step5: Let the booty shorts dry and then machine wash and dry.

Since my jeans were black the bleach did not turn my jeans white but instead a gold color which I am dyin' over! I can not wait to rock my polka dot bleached booty shorts. Until next time enjoy!!!

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