Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The devil has been truly busy but I am not the one to be easily defeated. Right now I am going through one of the greatest fights of my life but I have not let that stop me from continuing on living my life. Right now one of the trends in fashion is bold neon colors. A lot of the designers are using bold colors not only on their clothes but on their jewelry as well.

Well, I personally love bright colors!!! Bright colors give your look an instant boost and adds a sense of pizzazz to your look. The necklace up above is a necklace that I got from Forever21 years ago and never wore so I thought that it would be the perfect necklace to transform into a neon green show piece.

I transformed this necklace by going to the paint store and picking up a can of white and neon green spray paint. On the way home I grabbed some newspaper. Once home I laid the newspaper down outside on my balcony. YOU DO NOT want to spray paint anything indoors. You always want to do it outside because of the fumes and the mess that it will cause.

With the necklace lying flat on top of the newspaper I first lightly sprayed the necklace white. I repeated the same step 4 times every 30 minutes. After that I began to use the neon green spray paint. I did light coats of the neon green spray paint every hour throughout the day and night until it was the color green I desired it to be. To ensure that it was completely dry I let the necklace sit over night outside and VOILA! 

I have a fantastic neon green show stopper!!!