Friday, December 28, 2012


"These niggas can't hold me back" -Rick Ross

Sorry for being M.I.A but I've recently been hospitalized and had to have emergency surgery. This has been a long and strenuous journey but through the grace of God I am making it through. 

As a pick me up and late Christmas gift to myself, I decided to do a little online shopping for when I'm all better and can slay the streets again. I hope you all enjoy my items and are having a blessed holiday season.

Items Purchased
Photo #1: Forever21 Tropical Print Leggings
Photo #2: Forever21 Abstract Geo Print Leggings
Photo #3 Forever21+ Cross Print Shirt
Photo #4: Forever21 Filigree Print Bodycon Skirt 
Photo #5: Forever21 Buckled Ankle Boots

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  1. So cute!!!!