Monday, October 22, 2012


Rockin': F21+ denim and leather jacket, black tank, F21+ leather studded shorts, Dots clutch purse, Vintage and F21 Jewelry.

Anytime I get the chance to hit up 2720 Cherokee I jump at it. It is one of the hippest places in St. Louis to go. The people there aren't pretentious or trying too hard to get notice. Everyone there does their own thing and kicks it to the fullest. This past Saturday, Tashanna and I attended the "20 Years Later An Adventure Back in Hip Hop in 1992" event at 2720 Cherokee and it was awesome. Me and Tashanna vibed out to the music and danced our butts off.

We did however have a douchebag moment. This guy comes up to the bar and tries to hit on Tashanna. He not only tells her that he's married but that his wife is on the dance floor. Tashanna and I were outdone by the blatant disrespect. I felt so sorry for his poor unsuspecting wife. Dudes these day's be actin' up, I tell you!!! 

Anyway, enjoy the pics and remember October 23rd is Bow Ties and Barrettes 1 year anniversary!!!

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