Thursday, June 28, 2012


1. Ashanti & Nelly here in St. Louis. I love the easy breeziness of Ashanti's look and the J's are on point!

2. Record Exec Bu Thiam and Tracy Ellis Ross. In the last year Ms. Ross has become more gangster with her style of dressing and I dig it. Bu is most certainly bringing out the hood in her. (Pic Courtesy of

3. Kimye is in full effect !!! After going public with her relationship with Kanye I've noticed that Kim has incorporated a lot more leather into her look. (Pic Courtesy of

4. My girl Emma Stone and her Spider-Man boyfriend Andre Garfield have been killin' the red carpet while promoting their movie The Amazing Spider-Man.

5. Teen Sensation Selena Gomez and her boo Justin Bieber are the cutest lil' couple. Their remind me of Polly Pockets but their all-back-everything look is anything but cute it's dope!!!

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