Thursday, May 24, 2012

Soulard Laundromat

The pitfall of renting and living in the city is that my building doesn't have any washer & dryer connects or a onsite laundry room. That means every two weeks I have to go around the corner and up the street to the laundromat to wash me and my sons' clothes. When I first moved to the city a few years ago I hated having to go to the laundromat, especially since I had my own washer & dryer set. But now I rather enjoy it. It's become some what of an escape for me. A place to gather my thoughts and have some peace.

But enough about that. The weekend is fast approaching and I will be hittin' the streets!  As I said in my  New New Ish post I will be rockin' some long curly weave starting this week and I can't wait! I've been short for a year now and it's time for a change. Friday I'm going to my bestie's ex boo's party and Sunday I hope that I will be either going to a day party at SoHo Restaurant and Lounge or The annual Teese party at The Pageant. Whatever happens I will be taking pics and posting them. Have a blessed weekend and holiday and I'll see you soon!    

Target knit hooded vest
H&M tank top
Torrid Skinny Jeans
Bakers chain link shoes 

Jay's Rockin'
Russell Simmons button up
H&M fitted jeans
White leather low top Converse


  1. great combinations and new proposals

  2. love your flats so much.

    btw, I followed you.
    it would be nicer if you could follow back.
    Hey Miss!
    Hey Miss!
    Hey Miss!


  3. Very cute outfit. I love your shoes.


  4. Thanks girls and Kai, I followed you back :)