Thursday, February 2, 2012


GoJane Lighting Bolt Earrings
Charlotte Russe Braided Chain Necklace
Alloy Cardigan
Gap Camisole
Mossimo Printed Skirt
Bamboo Granny Boots

Last night, I attended karaoke wit' my girls Tashanna and Lo. As always we had a ball. The cardigan that I rocked last night, I've only worn twice but I see if finding it's way into my wardrobe on a more consistent basis. It's a dark a blue color but the shade doesn't match my mood at all.
I've been feeling exceptionally great the past few days. It feels like the pieces of my life are coming together finally. I pray that it stays this way. I think that the reason things are so good is because I'm behaving, thinking and reacting differently. 
I'm only speaking great things into my life and I am demanding greatness from not only myself but from others in my life. You can be truly, genuinely happy and I'm seeing that with every second that passes.