Thursday, February 9, 2012


Last week my honey introduced me to a Mexican restaurant here in St. Louis called 'Diablites Cantina'. I wasn't really in the mood for Mexican food because I had already had it two days prior with my son but like most women I indulged him and tagged along anyway.

Well boy did I feel stupid when I entered the joint. First of all on sight the restaurant is GORGEOUS!!! I have been to a lot of restaurants in my day from 5 star to mom & pop spots but 'Diablites Cantina' will forever hold a special place in my heart.

As soon as my feet crossed the threshold I felt as if I was transported to a mystical galaxy and if that wasn't enough the food came and me and my tummy were extremely pleased. It was by far the best Mexican food that I have had thus far and the prices are get this ... AFFORDABLE!!! 

'Diablites Cantina' is located at 3761 Laclede Avenue right in the heart of St. Louis where St. Louis University is so I can almost bet at night it is party central up in there.

I will most certainly be heading back to 'Diablites Cantina' soon with my besties because they have to experience it too!!!  


  1. The ambiance is gorge! I love quirky restaurants like this. Next time I'm near I'll have to check it out.