Friday, January 27, 2012


Since I am a makeup artist I always find myself stocking up on new products. One brand that I fully support is BH Cosmetics. Their products are affordable and apply wonderfully to the face. 

Today, I ordered their 28 color neutral eyeshadow palette and their 6 color contouring blush palette. On myself and my clients I often use warmer shades on the eye unless they like to go drag queen chic like me, lol so the neutral eyeshadow palette is an essential. 

The contouring palette helps to define the face. By that I mean it helps to slimmer out your nose and give you higher and more definded cheek bones. 

I will be showing all of you how to use these products as soon as I start doing makeup tutorials. Enjoy!!! 


  1. gotta try these palettes out
    follow each other?