Friday, December 16, 2011


I loooooooooove me some Frank Ocean. His mixtape "Nostalgia Ultra" has already been certified a classic and he's worked with artist like JayZ, Beyonce and Nas!!! If you haven't heard of Mr. Ocean then let me introduce you... Presenting Mr. Frank Ocean!

On being called an R&B artist:
“I’ll usually cringe at the R&B label. Because it’s like calling it urban…and what the fuck is urban music?”
On working with Kanye and Jay, as well as writing music for Beyoncé:

"Career-wise, this year feels like a montage scene in a movie."

On politics:
“My generation just doesn’t have the best taste in leadership. And weak leadership means little to no cohesion. If there’s no cohesion, there’s no real chance for effective protest or politics. Obviously, looking at Occupy Wall Street, there are a few in our bunch who still give a damn enough to rally and shout. This will change once I’m elected President.”

On changing his name from Christopher "Lonny" Breaux to Christopher Frank Ocean:

"It was like a middle finger to my slave name"

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